Open Event

Open Day Event

“Open Day Event" is situated at the Creative Training Space, Outdoor Creative Space, and other creative spaces throughout the Taitung Sugar Factory.

1. Design Seminar x Artisan Workshop

A collection of brands come together to let you experience, in all five senses, the innovative designs of Taitung’s boundless imagination. Create unique handcrafted pieces with the craftsmen of Taitung and learn from their mastery through workshops. Please check website for further details.
Workshop Dates & Location: 8/2-8/17 @Creative Training Space

2. Live Mural Painting

From the island of Ishigaki, Japan, comes POKKE 104, with a colorful creative style of detailed animal patterns. POKKE 104 will be joining hands with Taiwanese illustrator Nic to paint a local story.
Performance Time & Location: 8/7-8/8 14:00-20:00 @Outdoor Creative Space

3. Live Chainsaw Carving

Yasutaka Tsuzuki of Ishigaki Island, Japan will be using a chainsaw to turn raw wood into a work of art. Come hear the roar of chainsaw and feel the artist’s passion!
Performance Time & Location : 8/8-8/10 16:00-18:00 @Outdoor Creative Space

4. Ishigaki Island Donation Drive

For the duration of the Ishigaki Island Festival (8/8-8/10), for every transaction in one of the designated creative spaces, ten dollars will be donated to the Taitung Charity.

5. Taiwan Design Expo Guided Tour

(1) Scheduled tours: To sign up, please visit “Smiling Reception".
Weekdays 10:00-10:50、14:00-14:50、16:00-16:50
Weekends 10:00-10:50、14:00-14:50、15:00-15:50、16:00-16:50

(2) Reservations required. Groups require a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 40 people. Please make a reservation on our website. for a time of your choosing.


Open Night Event

The “Open Night Event" is held on the “Performance Stage", please come to the “Mega Plaza" to enjoy this event.

1. Opening Performance

The Bnun, the Pinuyumayan, and the Amis-Taiwanese aboriginal tribes-will celebrate the opening of the 2014 Taiwan Expo with traditional dance and singing performances.
Dance Time: 8/2 19:00-21:00

2.Creative Summer in Taitung

Creative Dance Festival offers an unprecedented sensory feast for your enjoyment with diverse dance performances that show the limits of the body’s dynamic rhythms with live music.
Dance Time: 8/3-8/5 19:00-21:00

3. Aboriginal Dance Festival

We invited aboriginal dance teams from New Zealand, Tahiti, Burundi, Guam, and several other countries to interact with Taiwan aboriginal dancers and create a unique performance together.
Dance Time: 8/6-8/7 18:30-21:00

4. Ishigaki Island Music Festival

Musicians from the Ishigaki Island will perform Okinawa folk songs and re-interpretations of popular Taiwanese and Japanese songs with sanshin, a unique three stringed instrument, traditional Japanese Taiko drums, koto, accompanied with trumpets, and guitars
Performance Time: 8/8-8/9 19:00-21:00


Open Factory

“Open Factory" takes you through the history of Taiwan’s sugar industry and lets you explore the most comprehensively preserved historical site in eastern Taiwan.

1. Sugar Factory History Guided Tour

Gather at Wanfu Warehouse 1F. The route will take us from the Performance Stage > Sugar Factory > Taitung Sugar Factory Historical Museum.
Reservations required. Groups require a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 40 people. Please make a reservation on our website.
Everyday 11:00-11:30, 15:00-15:30, 17:00-17:30

2. Taitung Ruin Academy – An Architectural Research Project by Finnish Artist

Finnish artist Marco Casagrande will use the Sugar Factory as his experimental laboratory. Over the course of July, he led a group of volunteers to transform the abandoned industrial site into the vibrant and imaginative creative space that is the Taitung Ruin Academy.
Note: This project is located in the “Sugar Factory", please sign up for the “Open Factory" tour for touring service.