Designers’ Studios

You might have lost your passion and faith for design due to different kinds of pressure from work, and live like a plant without soul. Mushroom Type Designer, Radish Type Designer and Apple Type Designer represent three commonly seen syndromes working as a designer in Taiwan.

Mushroom Type Designer: Working days and nights never getting to see the sunshine.
Radish Type Designer: Struggling between the hustle and bustle of life and the pursuit of dreams.
Apple Type Designer: Overuse of the brain, frequently running out of innovative ideas.


img64Even if you are not a designer, we believe that you would feel connected to the syndromes. Now you can not only take the quiz online to see which type of designer you are, you can also join us for the following games and get your passion back!

Take a photo with the Designer you like, and share the photo on your Facebook wall (please check-in at the 2014 Design Expo on FB) to win the special gift. (limited number available)

Xcellent design & Product international create three different virtual studios for the three Designers. You are welcomed to get on the trains to visit their studios, and help them get out of the difficult situations by providing solutions on the post-it board.