Local Beauty Pavilion – Kungtung Department Store

Whatever it is that you are looking for, look no further than the “Donggung Department Store" exhibition hall. Anything you want to experience can be found within the five sections:

Globalism Aspires | Folk Art Style
Just as new life casts forth when lacquer encounters ceramic glaze, the same can be said for the trend of internationalization. Following this trend it is the local traditions that emerge as unique and distinctive. Arts and Crafts is not just a cultural movement, but through Taitung, we can see the craftsmen’s spirit and influences from all over the world. This is the true attitude of the Folk Art Style.

Austronesian Aspires | Austronesian Cultural Festival
The “Austronesian Cultural Festival" is already in its 15th year. One of the activities, the “Austronesian Creative Design Competition", has the theme of “Remembering—Ceremonial and Ritual". Through the 14 award pieces, one can see not only the exquisite artistry but the cultural and ritualistic implications behind each creation. Let’s visit the unique world of Austronesian aboriginal arts and appreciate the manifestation of hard-work and heartfelt connection with the land!



Local Aspires | Keepsakes
8X8>∞ Through tactile sensation, the tips of our fingers have the unique ability to bring back old memories. Taitung is a place brimming with life, from the rays of the sun and the blue skies down to the fields and ocean, Taitung is land abundant with vitality. Here there are eight different kinds of handicrafts: glass blowing, wood carving, leather carving, weaving, embroidery, dyeing, painting, and pottery firing; and together they produce infinite design possibilities in the truest sense of the handmade style.


Agriculture Aspires | Heritage Preservation
Taitung is a land of abundant distinctive characteristics: a place of naturalistic delight, ideal picnic locations, delicious Chishang rice, sweet orange day-lilies, and mellow red oolong tea all preserved under the purity of nature. Following the path of wholesome living, eating locally has become a popular trend. With the concept of local ingredients as the starting point, the designer uses only local ingredients unique to Taitung to create keepsakes. The local manifestations of pure delight and pleasure from Taitung exceeds that of its global counterparts.

Sea Island Aspires | Orchid Road
“A Kokey Ponso No Tao" means “Hello" in the language of the aborigines of Orchid Island. Orchid Island is a small pearl in the Pacific Ocean with beautiful landscapes and vistas and diverse ecological resources. The seafaring Yami and Tao aborigine tribes have been developing sustainable farming and fishing methods in order to preserve their traditional way of life. However with recent exoduses towards the cities, the population has been dwindling. In this area, we will use the eyes of a child to record the future of Orchid Island. From the Pacific Ocean to Taiwan, through the windows of photographs we can see how human and nature become one and help show the children of Orchid Island the blueprint to their future!