Main Pavilion – Green Island Hotel

The main pavilion contains the core aims of the Taiwan Design Expo, located in the “Green Island Hotel" exhibition hall, it is divided into three sections:

Designers Aspires | Ideal Home
Ten visual designers, along with students from well-known Taiwan Design Schools, will each create ten separate spaces to represent a unique color from Taitung rich and diverse palette. The ten cities, with Taitung’s grand mountains and vast oceans, will be distilled into their distinctive essences and reveal the design possibilities that are contained within Taitung.

Generations Aspires | Oceanside Views
Taiwan is an island nation, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, where everything is provided by the waters. It also provides an inlet for robust creative growth. This area is responsible for over 100 items relating to Taiwanese maritime livelihood or design.

Renewable Aspires | Bicycle Area

再生牽成 | 踏實地
In relation to renewable energy and environmentalism, Taiwan is not only renowned as the “Bicycle Kingdom" but also as the LED capital of the world. These two identities serve as a basis for an interactive art installation; by using electricity generated by participants, the installation will produce an ever-changing constellation of lights to inspire people to pedal towards tranquility in their lives.