About Taiwan Design Expo

See our passion, share our innovation

Since 2003, the Taiwan Design Expo has opened in Taipei, Yilan, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung to great success. The profound and lasting impact of the “2011 Taipei World Design Expo" helped usher this exhibition onto the international stage.

2014 is a truly special year as it marks the first time that the Taiwan Design Expo has been held in the eastern part of Taiwan. This year’s theme, “Open Design", encompasses shared life skills and other open implications. One of the positive aspects of being a designer is the ability to quickly apply their practice to the real world and thus create a positive feedback loop. This year’s Taiwan Design Expo will delve into the offerings of Taitung and share all of Taiwan’s innovations.


Taitung-Taiwan’s purest place!

Here you will experience the stunning richness and diversity of nature; all the beautiful colors of nature and humanity in organic harmony. From the red sunrise in Taimali, the golden barley fields of Chishang, the orange lilies of Jean-Zen mountain, the green sugar-apples of Donghe, the charcoal-gray houses of Puyuma, the white walls of the Gongdong church, the indigo waters of Chiaming Lake, the cerulean shores of Sanxiantai, the amethyst corals of Orchid Island, to the sky blue vastness of the Luye Highlands, the entire spectrum captivates and enchants to its beauty. For the first time in Taitung, the 2014 Design Expo welcomes you the brilliant colors and the warmest people of Taitung.