2014 Taiwan Design Expo is rolling out the carpet in Taitung

2014 Taiwan Design Expo is going to kick off at Taitung Sugar Refinery from the 2nd to the 17th of August. The Expos is organized by the Industrial Development Bureau and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taitung Country Government, and is run by Taiwan Design Center. Richard Leu the Deputy Director General and Mr. Chiyi Chang the Taitung Deputy County Major both lead the pre-Expo press conference at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. 10 visual designers responsible for the display in the “Green Island Hotel" the main pavilion are all invited to be in this conference. Mr. Jun-Liang Chen the curator said, “we hope, by using the ten colors within Taitung, open the door to design in Taitung, so as to introduce even latest elements for innovation to let Taiwan design glow right here." The theme song “Open the door" on the conference is the warm-up for the opening of “2014 Taiwan Design Expo" on the 2nd of August.

“Open Design" the theme of Year 2014 encourage any good design and concept can create benign circle by means of sharing, re-creating, and co-existing. In 2014 Taiwan Design Expo, the curator Mr. Chen merges the local elements of Taitung. The theme is depicted with a diaphragm shutter. The 10 colors standing for Taitung are carefully selected, including the red sunrise in Taimali, the golden barley fields of Chishang, the orange lilies of Jean-Zen mountain, the green sugar-apples of Donghe, the charcoal-gray houses of Puyuma, the white walls of the Gongdong church, the indigo waters of Chiaming Lake, the cerulean shores of Sanxiantai, the amethyst corals of Orchid Island, and the sky blue vastness of the Luye Highlands. 10 visual designers are invited to apply 10 colors to present their ideal home in the “Green Island Hotel" the main pavilion.

Promotion for the Expo with a theme song was unprecedented. The melody tells the diversity color in Taitung and leads visitors to the wide open door to the design world. The song is composed by SPACE CAKE, and its lyrics by Mr. Chen the curator.

The theme “Green Island Hotel" for the main pavilion of this year is to pass on the spirits of the design expo in Taiwan. It brings out the concept of ideal homes presenting by the 10 designers, expressing creative energy of holding various thoughts and concepts, and develops a benign circle. Visitors can experience anything they want in “Kungtang Department store" the local beauty pavilion. We also hold a series of events for visitors to join and have fun with. Tour guide is offered not only in the main pavilion, but also in Open Factory. For more information, please visit our website: http://designexpo.boco.com.tw/